About Polly

Polly was started by the founders of CALM, a helpline for men and boys. It was through this work that the need for a helpline for women was identifed. The creative agency Truant has worked tirelessly to give the helpline a name, a face, and created a compelling campaign supporting the fundraising required to make Polly a reality. Since then, with the support of incredible women and Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Polly has taken shape.



Jane Powell, Co-Founder

Alison Rosen

Annette Lewis

Hayley Brewer


Using their digital skills to help spread the word about the Polly helpline: 

Gaby Fraser

Young Women's Advisory Committee

Giving valuable insight into the support needed by young women today: 

Afnan Sadani

Kiya Hornby

Laura Johnson

Maria Obregon

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Our Values

Here for any woman and girl, ages 13+, and anyone who feels female.

Free to call from any phone (and calls will never show up on bills).


100% non-judgemental, confidential* and anonymous.

Staffed only by women, trained professionals.

Signposts to local and national women's charities and support services. 

*Confidentiality is only broken in extreme circumstances where there is imminent danger to the caller or others. 

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Our Vision

We hope to extend our operating hours. Offering a free and confidential helpline for every woman and girl in the UK.

Help women unburden and empower them with information and knowledge of where to seek help.

Add Polly's voice to the women's sector to inform work and influence change.

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