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Help us support every

woman and girl in

Greater Manchester!

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£6 will help us support a webchat or a phone call from a woman or girl seeking support.

£50 will help us take up to nine calls or webchats. 

£94 will pay for a week's worth of calls and chats. 

A safe, confidential, and anonymous space to talk. When you're looking for help but unsure where to find it. Whether you're in crisis or just need someone to listen.

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Every donation will go directly to supporting women and girls in Greater Manchester.


Taking us one step closer to our big dream of supporting all women and girls in the UK!

The Greater Manchester pilot will support around 500 women before, during and after periods of crisis, connecting them with relevant charities and services, and empower them with information; offering mental health support and helping to reduce the rising self-harm and suicide of young women in Greater Manchester.

The pilot will initially run for 3 months. We hope to raise the funding needed to extend this pilot and support more women and girls.

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Polly superhero image created especially for Polly by artist Margo McDaid for our Crowdfunder Campaign on International Women's Day 2021.

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